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4 Ways to Succeed in School

1. Establish Study Times and Stick with It

      Creating a study schedule is incredibly useful, especially when there are many assessments coming up. Setting aside time to learn and having it part of routine helps you commit to your goals. It can also make sure that your learning is split among different classes.

2. Create a List with Upcoming Assignments and Deadlines

     Noting down your tasks for the day and upcoming due dates is extremely useful in organizing your work time. It allows you to sequence your tasks based on their priority. Once you receive a new assignment, be sure to note it down so you will not forget.  

3. Know your Learning Style

     Each individual has their own unique learning style. Its important to know your own style so you know what's effective for you!

  • Visual Learners: learn best by seeing. They find diagrams, colors-coding, and videos useful. 

  • Auditory Learners: learn best by listening. These learners respond well to sounds including rhymes and songs. 

  • Reading/Writing Learners: learn best by reading and writing what they need to know.

These are just a few of the type of learners out there, so be sure to explore more on your own to find what's best for you!

4. Take breaks!

     While learning is important for school, it's also essential to take breaks to make sure you're not overworking yourself. Not only do breaks help continue high performance, but it can also increase focus and decrease stress. It's important to have a balance between learning and relaxing.